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Grand Central Toowoomba Shopping Centre, QLD

AusPT…putting the muscle in concrete since 2010

Australian Post Tensioning

Developing a Legacy of Quality Post-Tensioning in Australia

Australian Post-Tensioning provides expertise and quality services to the construction industry.

As a proudly Australian-owned and -operated business, our staff are leaders among the local construction industry when it comes to providing the best quality installation of post-tensioning engineering, design, supply and construction services. Our company culture is fine-tuned to inspiring our staff to provide high-quality service. From shore to shore, we service the construction industry across the entire continent of Australia.

Australian Post Tensioning

For All Your Post-Tensioning and Engineering Services, Go No Further Than the Experts at AusPT.

Post-Tensioning for Construction

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Start-to-End Post-Tensioning Services

We offer post-tensioning services from start to finish, from design to installation.

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Simplifying the Building Process

We make the building process a lot more simple, easier than others in construction.

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10 Years of Experience

We have experience and expertise from over 10 years in the construction industry.

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Constantly Improving

We are constantly looking to improve and develop better processes in all our departments.

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Ready to Support

We are very thorough, with a great team behind us to support any issues that may arise.

AusPT Services

AusPT services are customisable to match your needs, with expert solutions provided to ensure your project is achievable. We can offer some of the following services and more:

  • Post-Tensioning Engineering
  • Installation of PT in Suspended Concrete Slab Construction
  • Industrial Pavements
  • Stressbar Supply and Installation
  • Bridge Construction and Strengthening
  • Bridge Bearing Equipment
  • Grouting
  • Fit Testing

Since our formal establishment in Melbourne 2010, Australian Post-Tensioning (AusPT) has grown phenomenally. Our presence is strong in the construction industries of Melbourne, South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland, and with growing projects in Western Australia.

AusPT is capable of serving the entire Australian continent with highly specialised services, and our team members represent the pinnacle of experience and skill in Australian engineering.

AusPT is ISO accredited (QAS International AU1360), to ensure we uphold the highest quality and safety standards in our industry.



Service Excellence

Service Excellence



Australian Post Tensioning

Let’s discuss how our services can bring your next project to life. To begin the conversation today, call 03 9702 4557.

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